In a brief statement only, read out by Sunny Galt, Kim Goguen reported that the Deep State had been ordered by the Silent Circle to join with it or become its enemy. The Chinese Deep State’s reply was to attempt to raise hell using its Deep State partners in Saudi Arabia, Israel, Russia, Ukraine etc. All such war-mongering and terrorism was blocked. The clean-up of Planet Earth continues. Kim’s intel brief ended by reminding us that God always wins.








The overhaul of the running of the world has started. Kim Goguen reported today that the Silent Circle swung into action as planned, yesteday at 12.01 pm. They met with the Heads of the world’s Militaries (who are not controlled by the world’s governments) and told them the Silent Circle now owns them.




Next to be informed that they had a new boss was the world’s Agencies. All their operatives were told they must now follow the Restoration Plan or depart. The Head of the NSA has already just publicly announced his imminent departure.




A reaction from the Deep State was to send a team down to Anarctica (the base formerly used by the Germans after WW2) to hunt for resources there to fight back no matter how destructively. That team was eliminated. So too a Deep State General who arrived in Kim Goguen’s town with the intention of killing her. He too was eliminated.




Next up the Silent Circle has moved into Finance and started buying up the assets of the Rothschilds. Kim talked about the ‘in-grown assets’ of every country in the world coming under the protection of the Silent Circle. The world’s currencies will then become backed by real assets. The ETA for this task is 10 – 12 days. Kim says this will then enable the clean-up of Politics.




Next up the Silent Circle will be able to acquire and use the Media. In about 30-60 days, high-ranking people not complying with the takeover plan will be able to be publicly outed in the Mainstream Media.




Kim talked about the mess of the world’s financial system. It’s far, far worse she said, than mere talk of the debt ceiling being broken. Total financial collapse is imminent. Within days of this happening, around June 1st, everything financially will be turned around (I presume KIMS will take over – the Key Integrated Monetary System).




Overall, Kim was full of praise for the deciveness and efficiency of the Silent Circle with their ability to move extremely swiftly and get things done. It’s happening.







Today May 15th was the expiry of an agreement made with the Deep State to give it time to reconsider its ways, restructure itself etc. Of course, it used the time – roughly the last two weeks – to make last ditch murderous attempts tp preserve its system of power and control. If they cannot own or control us, said Kim, they will seek to destroy us, like the dog in the manger. The attempt involved again trying to depopulate the planet. They tried to activate the bots smuggled into people’s bodies via the Wuhan bioweapon, the PCR tests and the jabs. This attempt failed. The bots have already been irreversibly deactivated. But Kim still recommends a heavy metal detox if you think you have any in you.



Then they tried to kill us all by blowing up the Ring of Fire, the perimeter of the Pacific. They tried to detonate nuclear weapons. They tried using 6G against us. As yet this is only used by militaries. To protect humanity the forces of light aligned with Kim disabled the 6G system at source in the satellites.



The Silent Circle – the very powerful group now working with Kim to take over the Deep State – having waited patiently are swinging back into action today taking over the rest of the DS’ worldwide assets. Kim says to expect to see big changes coming up over the next few weeks. Lots of dismissals and resignations and staff changes at the tops of politics, the military, the intelligence agencies, the media and finance.



As of now, any member of the Deep State continuing to wage war against humanity will instantly cease to exist. Source has been more than fair says Kim and has given the DS abundant opportunities to desist from attacking us. No more reprieves any more. Restoration of the planet is back on track.



Says Kim ‘this is about putting people in place who are actually working for the people, not for some crazy (Deep State) agenda.’ The Omega AI system has been taken down, the benevolent Alpha system is irrevocably in place. The Deep State will become completely ineffective within a few days, she says.



The positive timeline proceeds according to an Agreement that supersedes hundreds of negative Agreements made with the Dark Overlord Lucifer since thousands of years ago. The new clean-up Agreement is called the Giver Of Life Declaration and it will enable the restoration of our planet.









Kim Goguen today released huge news about the running of the world.



As of this week Earth Inc. is basically under new management. The previous team was known as the Deep State. The DS consisted of two rival Satanic Orders operating according to dark occult rituals, methods, goals and timings. They wanted to crash and burn the global economy and 95% of the human race through world war, viral plague, poisoned ecology and takeover of the US and the rest of the world by the Chinese Deep State. Everything would then be rebuilt from the ground up. A CBDC and nanotech-injected people would be mandatory.





As a side note, this is all explained in my new book TAROT TREK along with Ms Goguen’s information that the enabling AI control system has been taken down preventing it from happening. This was all foretold in Star Trek as I explain in the book.





That’s the background. Now we have the huge news that the Deep State has been taken over by a business consortium called the Silent Circle. This group is worldwide and extremely wealthy, intelligent, united and competent in business management. Both the Deep State Orders fear them. BlackRock, the richest company in the world has announced bankruptcy. This group has taken it over. KIm reports that it’s also just taken over the White House, the Federal Reserve, the CIA and NSA, J.P. Morgan, the Treasury in South Africa and the whole of bankrupt China.





Ms Goguen has had dealings with the Silent Circle in the past – they used to provide her with personal security. She is now in negotiations with them to forge a working relationship to restore the global economy and infrastructure. And no CBDC. Fingers crossed, it’s looking hopeful.








Kim Goguen reported on 20th April ’23 that the solar eclipse has passed and we’re still here! Yes, the threatened ‘harvest’ did not happen. This was an agreement made 1,008 years ago for the slaughter of most of humanity and the re-imposition of another dark timeline. We’ve just finished one dark timeline of 1,008 years but due to Dark Side manipulation were due to start another, this time with only about 500 thousand humans left and the planet devastated in order to be pillaged of all its minerals, living water and other useful resources by the Draco reptilian race.



A dozen or more agreements between the Light and the Dark Sides were to allow this. But the Dark Overlord Marduk has gone, replaced by Ms Goguen about 10 years ago. She made the assumption that humanity would not have agreed to being mostly killed off this April and refused to renew the agreements allowing this to happen.



The Law of One channelings, when I researched them (David Wilcock loves them) often spoke of the harvest as if it was something inevitable and neutral. I never liked the Law of One channelings, I strongly suspect they are of Draco origin and in alignment with Dark side philosophy and practice. Thankfully there will be no harvest this April 2023 nor ever again. A new era of Light has started and is set to continue indefinitely, with no agreements any more to include Dark Side management in the running (and overthrow) of the universe. Very, very good news, I’d say.


4c reduced copy


First announced on this site in 2016 as being then imminently available, my book on the Matrix and its takedown is finally published as of April 2023. 

What a wait!



My apologies for it being seven years overdue. But I trust you will find the delay justified and worthwhile. The book lists the 18 AI systems formerly propping up the Matrix and shows how their removal will transform our world – all this as prophesied in Star Trek.

Available on Amazon, the book does a unique and comprehensive take on three areas simultaneously, the Tarot, Star Trek and the Matrix.

 There is much to learn in it about Tarot symbolism and about 1960s science fiction. But the big reveal will surely be the amazing correlation between the Tarot and Star Trek and the two systems’ joint insight into the Matrix we live in – or lived in.



‘Lived in’ due to the AI core of the Matrix having been taken out. The rest of the Matrix blighting our life in social, political, emotional and mental areas will disperse along with the AI Matrix. In its place is emerging a world of restored freedom, health and balance.



I could say a great deal more here. But I think it better to look into TAROT TREK yourself and read it at your leisure. Happy discoveries!




April 2023


The actual original Tarot may be forever lost to antiquity, never to be re-discovered. But in the Tarot De Marseille (shown below) we have a venerable esoteric tool that remains close enough to the anonymous original to retain a wealth of mystical power and meaning.


Certainly, the modern Tarots, including the popular Rider-Waite deck, have departed far from the purity and fidelity of much older decks like the Visconti and the Marseille. With their symbolic patterns for the Minor Arcana, the older decks retain a purity and richness of symbolism that the simplistic illustrations of the modern decks cannot hope to approach. The four Tarot Minors shown below in their Marseille and Rider-Waite versions differ widely in meaning. Each Marseille card on the left can be interpreted according to a consistent Tarot numerology, as expounded in this article. Its Rider-Waite equivalent on the right dispenses with numerology and esoteric tarot symbology altogether, replacing them with a fantasy of the latter-day re-designer/re-illustrator.

This article attempts to show how rich and deep is the authentic symbolism of the Marseille ‘pip’ cards of the Minor Arcana, as expounded by Alejandro Jodorowsky. For the complete teaching, see his major Tarot book, ‘The Way of Tarot’, published 2004.



The system used by Jodorowski for interpreting the Minor Arcana relies upon understanding the integral nature of the Tarot as a whole. Both the Minor and the Major Arcana embody the same principles at each stage, or degree, of a consistent, decimal numerology.



With this understanding, the 40 ‘pip’ cards of the Minor Arcana reveal a wealth and depth of meaning and additionally, serve as a textbook guide for navigating life. The ‘pip’ cards are organized via four suits and the digits 1 to 10. Both the first and second ten cards of the 22 Major Arcana and the ten levels each of the four suits embody the same base-10 spiritual numerology. This is of paramount importance in understanding Jodorowski’s conception. It is a conception that is extremely well-reasoned, with abundant evidence to be found in the cards themselves, the cards that is, of the older decks.



In the case of the modern decks, such as the Rider-Waite (1909), very much alternative symbolism from different systems and traditions has been mixed in. The original Tarot symbolism thus becomes watered down or distorted by association with grafted-on concepts from the Kabbalah, Astrology, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Egyptian Mystery Schools and other schools of occultism such as The Golden Dawn. On top of this, we have the fantasies and idiosyncracies of the modern illustrators themselves. All of this non-Tarot baggage overlays the cards to produce an attractive, intriguing oracle, perhaps, but one far removed from the esoteric quality of the older, more traditional Tarot.



Let us get back to basic Tarot as evidenced in the Tarot De Marseille of Grimaud, dated 1748 and 1930, and in the Tarot De Marseille, restored by Jodorowsky and Camoin in 1997. The following details and principles are applicable to both the Grimaud and Jodorowsky decks.


The four suits are Wands, Swords, Cups and Coins. Each suit stands for one of the four main areas of life. Their keywords are
Wands: Actions, movement, creativity
Swords: Thoughts, decisions, intellect
Cups: Emotions, love, relating
Coins: Body, home, money.


Then we have the 10 cards in each suit, with each number representing a different stage or lesson in the repeating cycles of life. All the Aces in the Minor Arcana stand for potential, readiness and vitality and corespond with the energy of The Magician, Arcanum 1 in the Major Arcana. All the 2s stand for preparation, gestation and accumulation and correspond with Arcanum 2, The High Priestess. All the 3s stand for creativity, fertility, expression and bursting forth. They correspond with Arcanum 3, The Empress. All the 4s stand for order, stability, protection and organisation. The 4s correspond with Arcanum 4, The Emperor. All the 5s stand for expansion, innovation and exploration. They correspond with Arcanum 5, The Pope. All the 6s stand for attraction, union, beauty and pleasure. They correspond with Arcanum 6, The Lover. All the 7s stand for action in the world and benevolent purpose. They correspond with Arcanum 7, The Chariot. All the 8s stand for balance, harmony and passive perfection. They correspond with Arcanum 8, Justice. All the 9s stand for transition, decline and withdrawal. They correspond with Arcanum 9, The Hermit. Finally, all the 10s can be given the keywords realization, complete, inert or transcended. The 10s correspond with Arcanum 10, The Wheel of Fortune.



Using the above scheme and by combining each number with each suit, we acquire a logical range of meanings of each of the 40 numbered cards in the Tarot Minor Arcana. Various possible meanings of the 40 cards are given below in such a way as to be easily memorized for use in giving readings with the cards. This stucture of meaning also serves as a philosophically sound and simple guide for living our life.





Magician minors


The Tarot shows life as a process, a series of organic stages of development. Our projects, relationships and we ourselves, grow along lines similar to a plant. A plant has its entire life cycle held in potential at the beginning stage, the seed stage. This is represented by Degree 1 of The Tarot, Arcanum No. 1, The Magician and by the Aces of the Minor Arcana. In this state of unmanifest energy, all remains to be done, experienced or accomplished. The Tarot breaks this down into four different areas known as the four suits: Wands, Swords, Cups and Coins. These four suits also engender each other, in that order. What we can learn from them at Degree 1 are four basic aspects of our creative potential:-

Ace of Wands: The awakening of creative energy, a feeling of arousal, of desire to move, a keenness to work or play
Ace of Swords: The sense of intellectual stimulation, wanting to explore knowledge, having ideas or inspiration swirling inside ready to be expressed
Ace of Cups: Feeling full of a love ready to pour into the world, having desire to socialize, befriend, or relate
Ace of Coins: Having a garden of some sort – material energy which is there to be cultivated, whether our land, home, body, material assets or business.






Popess minors
The seed of life – everything in potential – represented by the Aces, germinates in darkness at Degree 2 of the Tarot. This is Arcanum No. 2, The High Priestess, who corresponds with the 2s of the Minor Arcana. They teach that there is a time for quiet preparation, for solitary accumulation or gestation. During such times we are able to replenish and gather our strength, our desires and ideas, in preparation for the first leap into action. The more receptive we are, the more we shall accumulate, in the different ways suggested by the four suits:-

2 of Wands
: Relaxation and pottering around, preparatory training or exercises, skills development, performance rehearsal
2 of Swords
: Sleeping on a problem, waiting for new insight, doing preparatory research, allowing time for reflection or data-collection
2 of Cups: Developing friendly relations but as yet only acquaintanceship, politeness, diplomatic reserve, deepening of feelings held within
2 of Coins
: Physical rest and good sleep, saving money, forming new muscles, pregnancy, basic self-nurturing.





Empress2 minors
After preparing ourselves in isolation, it’s time for raw, explosive action, equivalent to a seed sprouting. Having rehearsed, it’s time to perform. Or having been interacting via social media, its time to physically meet someone. This is Degree 3 in the Tarot, represented by Arcanum No. 3, The Empress, and by the 3s of the Minor Arcana. The energy is erupting for the first time, without prior experience or specific purpose. It is a joyful release and the first active step, suggested by the various 3s as:-

3 of Wands
: Living spontaneously or acting on impulse without a pre-established plan, physical release after resting, starting a job or journey
3 of Swords
:  Initial presentation of new ideas, turning imagination or research into a first draft, speculative opening of conversation, garrulous speech
3 of Cups: 
First meeting with a new lover, socializing and lively encounters, making new friends, uninhibited emotional expression
3 of Coins
: Making a purchase or a sale, an initial investment, starting production or manufacture, reaping early gains, conception or birth of a child.





Empeor minors
Degree 4 is Arcanum No. 4, The Emperor, and the 4s of the Minor Arcana. This is the stage of a seed having grown into a plant. The plant is firmly rooted in the earth and remaining stable so as to engender further growth at the next, 5th stage. Even existing stability depends upon constant flow, renewal or replenishment. With this proviso, 4s represent being anchored in the material world, comfortable with surrounding laws and conditions. We are well-organised and grounded, healthy in body and spirit. Tarot 4 energy thus protects us, our loved ones and what belongs to us. The four suits show us the four cornerstones of material stability:-

4 of Wands: 
Having a routine, working steadily, persevering with a job or project, using a methodical approach to creativity, regular habits of action
4 of Swords
: Exercise of logic, systematic or analytical thought processes, planning ahead, having a policy, being conservative or constant in views and opinions
4 of Cups: 
Bonding with others in family, team or group, religious solidarity, mutual trust and care, feelings of safety and calm, emotions kept well-controlled
4 of Coins
: Maintenance of security, staying healthy and strong, keeping a well-ordered house or stock of material possessions, financial stability.





Pope Minors

The provisional stability of Degree 4 inevitably gives way as it grows beyond itself. Degree 5 then, can be likened to a plant at the transitional stage of creating a bud. Thus a way is opened for reaching into a new realm. The Pope, Arcanum No. 5, points his finger towards Heaven. He infuses his students with a new ideal. He serves as a bridge or mediator between their realm of Earthy stability, the lower Degrees up to Degree 4, and the higher, Heavenly realm of Degrees 6 through 9. The four suits variously represent this stage in our daily affairs of opening up to horizons beyond the familiar, material and rational:-



5 of Wands
: Go further afield with projects and journeys, constructively take risks, experiment with new practices beyond the tried and tested, seek new experience to satisfy desire or temptation
5 of Swords: 
Be open-minded and willing to countenance new theories, ideas or beliefs, investigate and do research, think outside the box, take studies to a new level, seek out new knowledge
5 of Cups: 
Feel excitement, be romantic and adventurous with dating and courting, explore your feelings in the company of lover or friends, become passionate about a spiritual path or an article of faith
5 of Coins
: Be enterprising in commercial ventures, use new products or technologies, innovate, stretch yourself in physical achievement, branch out from the base of operations, refurbish or redesign familiar territory.





Lover minors

Degree 6 in Tarot numerology is the stage of the bud in Degree 5 blossoming into a beautiful flower. In Arcanum No. 6, The Lover, we have a group scene open to any number of interpretations. What remains clear though, is the interplay of emotions being outwardly expressed. The context is one of doing, having or getting what one loves, enjoys or desires. To what are we attracted? With whom or what do we feel passionately at union with? This preoccupation with beauty and enjoyment manifests itself in the four suits of Degree 6 as:-



6 of Wands: Find creative outlets in movement, performance, pleasurable work, do what you love and love what you do, be playful or graceful, enjoy fun and games and activities in nature
6 of Swords: Cultivate the intellectual or artistic appreciation of beauty, find pleasure in thinking or reading in solitude, enjoy meetings for discussing or hearing ideas
6 of Cups: Enjoy a mutually devoted friendship or family connection, cultivate love and affection in romance, be happy in the company of a kindred spirit or soulmate
6 of Coins: Enjoy physical pleasure associated with comfort and luxury, care for your personal image and style, cultivate a beautiful home, appreciate fine clothing, cooking, gardens or anything available to the senses.





Chariot minors

Action in the world is at its most powerful and benevolent in Degree 7 of the Tarot, equivalent to a flower on a plant shedding its petals and opening up into a delicious fruit. Arcanum 7 represents this stage as The Chariot pulled by strong horses and steered by a purposeful driver. All the 7s of the Minor Arcana likewise indicate strong, dynamic and benevolent action in the world. Spirit and matter are united so as to act powerfully in loving ways. Instead of being cathartic and explosive as at Degree 3, action is now mature and focussed. The four suits show this as:-

7 of Wands: Flying high in one’s career, working hard at a project for the general good, leading the way and inspiring others, doing the right thing and achieving success
7 of Swords: Doing writing, teaching or lecturing based on intelligent research and learning, putting intellect at service to the world, making intelligent decisions, thinking analytically or very creatively
7 of Cups: Serving others rather than oneself, acting in humanitarian ways, being a dispenser of loving kindness, thriving in relationship, creating joy and good feelings all around
7 of Coins: Generating wealth for the good of all, maintaining a large estate or a strong athletic body, investing money wisely, running a business profitably and benevolently.





Justice minors
Degree 8 of the Tarot is equivalent to the maturity stage of a fruit. It graces the tree in full ripeness and perfection of growth. There is no longer any improvement possible, nothing to be added or taken away. In Arcanum No. 8, Justice, the woman with her sword and scales weighs up and balances actions with their consequences. Likewise, each of the four suits presents us with a different aspect of receptive perfection: magical concentration in the case of Wands, a heart full of love in the case of Cups, empty mind in the case of Swords,  and material abundance in the case of Coins. Key concepts for each suit would include:

8 of Wands: 
Perfect concentration for purity of action, egoless focus on the job at hand, effortless effort, being in a Taoist flow, divine timing and synchronicity
8 of Swords
: Emptying the mind through quiet time and meditation, being receptive to intuition, channelling higher intelligence
8 of Cups
: Being selfless and humble, considering the welfare of others, showing empathy and compassion, feeling gratitude and unconditional love
8 of Coins
: Living hygienically, tuning into nature, opening to abundance, being nourished by organic food, keeping healthy through holistic preventative medecine.





Hermit minors
We saw at Degree 8 a plant having reached full maturity with the production of ripened fruit. The next and penultimate stage in the plant’s development is allowing the fruit to drop to the ground. This equates to Degree 9 in the Tarot, represented by Arcanum No. 9, The Hermit, and by the 9s of the Minor Arcana. At this stage there is major transition, with a whole cycle coming to an end. This is a natural and positive development but also a kind of crisis. Work on s new construction is on the way but as yet there can only be withdrawal, letting go, taking leave or bringing to an end an old project or situation. 9 in the four suits can therefore be interpreted as:



9 of Wands: the approaching end of a project or journey, work cannot continue much longer, a big effort being required in a win-or-lose situation, energy flagging after much toil, slowing down, streamlining of activity for nothing but success

9 of Swords: letting go of self-centred or out-moded concepts, re-evaluating theories or beliefs previously held true, doubts creeping in, having a re-think, nearing the end of a course of study

9 of Cups: letting go of personal love in favour of universal love, a relationship coming to an end, disappointment or sorrow, a natural period of mourning, emotional turmoil, feeling the need to socially withdraw and seek solitude

9 of Coins: reconstruction in progress, healing happening while the body incapacitated, imminent birth of a baby or some new material situation, moving house, getting ready to emigrate or re-locate, decluttering, winding up a business, a sale of property is going through.





Wheel minors

The life cycle of a plant ends with transformation into a new cycle. A seed leaves the old plant and enters the ground. From this a new organism will start to grow, going through the whole process all over again. This stage of one cycle changing into another is represented by Degree 10 in The Tarot. At this stage there may be fulfilment, stasis and anticipation all at the same time. One cycle merges into another or there is a pause between the old and the new. Arcanum No. 10 the Wheel of Fortune, bears these implications and more. The 10s in the four suits carry a wide range of possible meanings, such as:



10 of Wands: a fully accomplished task, a journey or creative project is over pending the next one, a time limit for action has passed, a time of retirement has arrived, no further action is required

10 of Swords: pure thought merges with feeling, the viewpoint of another is taken into account, a compromise or agreement is reached, mind is transcended, there is a letting go of attachment to opinions or beliefs, a problem is solved, a course of study comes to an end

10 of Cups: a relationship has run its course, children of age have left home, a couple are separated by mutual agreement, a person is at peace being single, there are no feelings either way on a potentially emotive issue

10 of Coins: work of construction has finished, assets or finances have built up and remain to be put to creative use, a property is empty pending occupation, a machine is laid up or has fallen into disuse, someone is in between jobs, homes or paths of prosperity, a corpse, life of the spirit out of the body.
JULY 2017




There are 78 cards in The Tarot and 78 Star Trek episodes. Believe it or not, each and every episode is an expression of each and every Tarot card. Included in my forthcoming book on the Tarot de Marseille will be an extensive analysis of how the cards correspond with the episodes. Each card signifies a principle of life and that principle occurs as the main principle in its own Star Trek episode.


The very first Tarot card is The Fool. In its reversed state, it means “MADNESS, MISADVENTURE, WILD RECKLESS ACTIONS”. The episode that dramatizes this is No. 68, “Whom Gods Destroy” from the 3rd season of The Original Series. In this fun episode, the Fool reversed appears as Garth, a cosmic psychopath and inmate of a Galactic Federation lunatic asylum. He takes over the asylum, captures Kirk and Spock and wreaks havoc. It’s a blast! And a wonderful expression of this Tarot card in its troubled aspect when reversed.


You here on this website will be the very first ones to get the information on all 78 links between The Tarot and Star Trek. Watch this space later this summer 2016 for a view on The Tarot where no man has gone before!

Your Birthday Number – What Does It Mean?


The day of the month you were born on – in terms of a single digit or Master Number – tells so much about your personality type. It is the most revealing number in your entire numerology chart. It is way more helpful as a 1-off personality indicator than your astrological sun sign. And yet hardly anyone knows this. Until now!


For here is a complete and authoritative run-down of all 12 Birthday Number types. It is the result of my many years of deep study of numerology, from text books, teachers and most important of all, in the field. I have observed hundreds of friends and family, and thousands of clients as a psychic reader, to experience the truth of Pythagorean numerology.


To find your type, reduce your birthday number to a single digit. For example, born on the 27th of a month reduces by addition to 9. 9 would be your Birthday Type, THE UNIVERSALIST. If you’re born on the dates marked with an asterisk – the 10th, 11th or 22nd of a month – look up both the single digit and Master Number descriptions. Away you go!




(Born on a 1 day – the 1st, 10th*, 19th or 28th)
You think for yourself and take the initiative. You pride yourself on being ambitious, strong-willed and different to others. These qualities make you outstanding in starting new ventures and pursuing personal projects or self-employment. When the vision is yours, you’ll put in 100%.


You have a presence that is self-contained. You are proud of your self-reliance and original approach. You refer everything to yourself. You are driven to work alone or with subordinates and to display your abilities. Although sensitive, you tend not to show your feelings. In your daily life you adopt a creative and goal-oriented approach. You think for yourself and make your own decisions. You have decided views on what may be the right thing to do in any situation. You may have difficulty in resolving your views with others, so will either take the lead, repress yourself or work alone. Anyone who lives with you will find you ambitions and alert for opportunity. You will be strong-willed, rational and practical in putting your inspired plans or ideas into action. You will use the executive ability of a leader. Although extremely determined, you may be better at starting projects than continuing them. Dealing with the broad brushstrokes attracts you more than gettiing bogged down in details.


In short, you are independent, assertive and venturesome, like Annie Bessant (1st), Julie Andrews (1st), Debby Harry (1st), Marilyn Monroe (1st), Bette Midler (1st), Princess Diana (1st), Jackie Kennedy (28th), Brigitte Bardot (28th), Malcom X (19th), Woodie Allen (1st), Ho Chi Minh (19th), Bill Gates (28th), Jimmy Carter (1st), Bill Clinton (19th), Yves St Laurent (1st), Seiji Ozwa (1st).


(Born on a 2 day – the 2nd, 11th*, 20th or 29th)
You are sensitive and friendly and love relating to others, doing so with tact and understanding. You easily put aside personal quibbles to blend in. You are a binding influence in teams or 1-to1 partnership. You’ll give people or animals your full support with humility and attention to detail.


You have a presence that is warm and welcoming. You are supportive, considerate and cooperative in a partnership or team. You attend to others’ needs and can excel at group facilitation. You prefer working with others to working on your own. You tend to stick around anyone to whom you can anchor yourself as a loyal partner, helper or companion. In daily life you’re attentive to detail and duty. You are friendly and approachable and make a natural listener. You express your feelings but do your best to do so courteously and diplomatically so as to keep the peace. You are better at continuing than intitiating and are comfortable following the lead of others. Anyone who lives with you will find you to be easy-going and low-maintenance, not being overly concerned with your own material needs or status. Being sociable, you like romantic situations and are nurturing of mutual respect and well-being. You may throw tantrums or cry easily, especially when hurt by a build-up of insensitivity from others to your own unexpressed needs or feelings.


In short, you are cooperative, diplomatic and sociable, like Joy Adamson (20th), Sophia Loren (20th), Isabel Allende (2nd), Oprah Winfrey (29th), Ingrid Bergman (29th), Germaine Greer (29th), Britney Spears (2nd), Gandhi (2nd), Benjamin Spock (2nd), Alistair Cooke (20th), Buzz Aldrin (20th), Uri Geller (20th), Marvin Gaye (2nd), David Beckham (2nd).


(Born on a 3 day – the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th)
Like so many famous singers, actors and writers, you have a penchant for self-expression and imagination. Words, images or creations flow joyfully and abundantly when you perform, enabling you to uplift or inspire. Social occasions, conversation and networking are your bread and butter.


You have a presence that is animated, restless and cheerful. You are quick to show your feelings. You are verbally creative and expressive. You especially take well to to the free-flowing use of words. You have many interests and are enthusiastic and upbeat about them. You want to shine in the company of others. In daily life you are talkative and friendly. You seek out company in order to chat and share warmth and happiness. You can be given to using overstatement in order to express yourself more vividly. Creativity excites you and you may find much satisfaction from taking up public speaking, writing or singing. Anyone who lives with you will find you to be affectionate and playful. You may sometimes be superficial or prone to making a crisis out of the trivial. You may have rapidly changing ups and downs. You can get bored easily and scatter yourself. Generally, you will radiate vitality and charm and spread joy.


In short, you are expressive, creative and joyful, like Grace Kelly (12th), Maria Callas (3rd), Dionne Warwick (12th), Madame Blavatsky (12th), Shakti Gawain (30th), Cameron Diaz (30th), Voltaire (21st), Pablo Neruda (12th) Luciano Pavorotti (12th), Frank Sinatra (12th), Iggy Pop (21st), Frank Zappa (21st), Winston Chuchill (30th), Jean-Paul Sartre (21st), Diego Maradona (30th).


(Born an a 4 day – the 4th, 13th or 22nd*)
You are self-disciplined and industrious, blessed with high powers of concentration. You have the stamina to massively build or produce. You work long and hard with determination and a methodical approach. Your friends and family know you to be practical, grounded and sensible.


You have a presence that is resolute, determined and persevering. You like to be kept busy. Having started a job you’ll continue with it and be concentrated and thorough. You find reward in the details and in patiently analyzing and methodically proceeding step by step. In your approach to daily life you favour rules, routine and order. You may appear to be very predictable. Restrictions that seem intolerable to others will be used by you to maintain focus and high productivity. You are honest and conscientous and the service you give will be dependable. Anyone who lives with you will find you to be hard-working and attentive to duties and commitments. You may be serious and down-to-earth, but are responsible and good with practicalities. Rather than leave things to chance, you will make plans and be reliable and punctual in sticking to them.


In short, you are orderly, productive and practical. like Margaret Thatcher (13th), J. K. Rowling (31st), Maria Montessori (31st), Josef Haydn (31st), Anton Bruckner (4th), Samuel Beckett (13th) L. Ron Hubbard (13th), Garry Kasparov (13th), Moshe Dyan (4th), Alfred Hitchcock (13th), Patrick Moore (4th), Clint Eastwood (31st).


(Born on a 5 day – the 5th, 14th or 23rd)
You are out-going and spontaneous. You have a non-conformist, freedom-loving nature that loves adventure and communication. You seek to continually expand your horizons through travel, experiment or investigation. You are multi-talented and have proved yourself, or at least dabbled, in many fields.


You have a presence that is open-minded, curious and enthusiastic. You explore and experiment and ask lots of questions. With your varied interests and colourful ideas you are stimulating and delightful in your dress, your conversation and your unconventional lifestyle. In daily life you look for variety and freedom and gulp down new ideas, pleasures and experiences. The promise of travel and adventure stirs you into excitement and action. You’ll always be ready for something novel and life-affirming and will seize each new opportunity as it comes along. Anyone who lives with you will find you to be versatile and spontaneous. You’ll be quick on your feet, take meals at any hour – or not at all – and be out and about most of the time. You may get bored easily, causing you to erratically hop from impulse to impulse. Surprise will be your spice of life and no plan will be the best plan.


In short, you are versatile, adventurous and freedom-loving, like Anita Roddick (23rd), Albert Einstein (14th), Karl Marx (5th), Arthur Conan Doyle (5th), Walt Disney (5th), Cubby Broccoli (5th), George Lucas (5th), Richard Rogers (23rd), Johnny Carson (23rd), Vaclav Havel (5th), Pele (23rd), Umberto Eco (5th), Cliff Richard (14th), Prince Charles (14th).


(Born on a 6 day – the 6th, 15th or 24th)
You protect and provide or nurture and heal. You are sensitive to physical grace and beauty. Your essential stewardship of family, group, community or place keeps it balanced and well-adjusted. You naturally foster a sense of togetherness by taking hands-on responsibility for the well-being of those close to you.


You have a presence that is attentive, sympathetic and gracious, making you pleasant and easy to be with. You tend to take the lead only in a parental, caring way. You like to surround yourself with family and other close ones whom you will carefully protect or nurture. You feel it very good for others to need you or be reassured by you. In daily life you take responsibility and continually strive for harmony and balance. You attentively look after money and business matters. You ably and willingly make continuing adjustments to hold together any enterprise, place or community around you. You take notice of public standards, ethics and morals, and abide by them. Anyone who lives with you will find you to be clean and hygenic, well-dressed and well-presented. You will speak and deal with others with natural grace, giving attention to mutual well-being and fairness. You are sensitive to beauty and romance in relationships, living conditions and creative work. Your home is a credit to you – tasteful, elegant and properly looked after.


In short, you are nuturing, responsible and beauty-conscious, like Shirley McClaine (24th), Linda McCartney (24th), Claudia Cardinale (15th), Britt Eckland (6th), The Dali Lama (6th), Ram Dass (6th), Dale Carnegie (24th), Toulouse Lautrec (24th), Steve Jobs (24th), Jean-Paul Getty (15th), Martin Luther King (15th), Andre Previn (6th).


(Born on a 7 day – the 7th, 16th or 25th)
Your mental perspicacity makes you good with knowledge, with writing and processing information. You take the time in isolation to study, analyze or originate. Or you may be attracted to cultivating inner peace or mysticism. Yours is the mind concentrated and focussed for deep understanding of fundamentals without skimping on facts or details.


You have a presence that is mentally alert and ingeniously analytical or inventive. You absorb masses of information from books, newspapers, meetings or digital media. You examine it, process it, reflect on it. With your self-reliance and inner convictions you form your own conclusions, always aimed at wisdom and proper understanding. You often need time during the day to be alone and undisturbed for your intellectual, artistic or spiritual runinations. Working alone and at your own pace, you can access deep wells of inspiration or perception. You’re one who can carry mental projects through from start to finish. You can be unusual and eccentric, and possibly sceptical, mystical, abrasive or aloof. Anyone who lives with you will find you to be a mine of information with well-researched theories or viewpoints. These spring from your innate respect for knowledge and wisdom. Your profundity can lend you a critical or stubborn air which people may interpret as closed to their own views. With your fine rational mind you are able to be fascinating and stimulating in your discourse or in any area where you can prove yourself an expert.


In short, you are analytical, introspective and profound, like Marie Curie (7th), Kate Moss (16th), Ludwig van Beethoven (16th), Pablo Picasso (25th), Charles Dickens (7th), George Orwell (25th), Arthur C. Clarke (16th), Miles Davis (25th), ‘Prince’ (7th), John McEnroe (16th), Peter Falk (16th), Noam Chomsky (7th).


(Born on an 8 day – the 8th, 17th or 26th)
You are at ease with material wealth, money and high status. Your entrepreneurial instinct and skill at decision-making favours you for organisational roles where you direct or manage with executive-like efficiency. Running a business and making a profit are very much your line. High ambition and strategic long-range planning bring you much success.


You have a commanding presence. Your stride is confident, your demeanour straightforward and to the point. In competition you are strong and intelligent. You are a natural organiser or director using firm but fair strategies. In daily life you are keen on business and commercial activity. You take control of affairs with a sense of authority and an eye for success. Your methods are realistic and efficient. Your judgement is sound and your decision-making measured but, when finalized, emphatic. You’ll willingly carry the responsibility for managing large projects which you will do with a sure eye for profit or reward. Anyone who lives with you will find you take a no-nonsense, practical approach to earning a living. You’ll be prosperous or on your way to achieving prosperity. You’ll unashamedly display the fruits of your success. These may include status, wealth and material comforts such as a large house, fast car, immaculate clothing or jewellery, membership of a gym or health club and company pension.


In short, you are commanding, business-like and wealth-conscious, like Hillary Clinton (26th), Victoria Beckham (17th), Diana Ross (26th), Paris Hilton (17th), Elizabeth Clare Prophet (8th), Louise Hay (8th), Marianne Williamson (8th), General MacArthur (26th), Mao Tse Tung (26th), John Wayne (26th), Stanley Kubrick (26th), Martin Scorcese (17th), Rock Hudson (17th), Nick Nolte (8th), Bob Hoskins (26th), Robert De Niro (17th), Sean Penn (17th), George Michael (26th), Elvis Presley (8th).


(Born on a 9 day – the 9th, 18th or 27th)
You are paradoxically self-imposing and selfless, strong-willed and compassionate. You are the soul of generosity. You live reclusively but have limitless social and planetary awareness. This drives you to take vigorous action. It is with strong emotionalism that you help out, network, campaign or artistically create for the betterment of community or the world at large.


You have a presence that is generous, selfless and broad-minded. You are driven by deeply felt ideals. You consider the well-being of all life on Earth and will work to do what you can to help. Greater peace, social justice, an end to war and poverty, sexual liberation – these are among the values you hold dear and will constantly bring to our attention. Your passion for your ideals shows itself in your daily life. You support others while following and expressing your own strong feelings. You are no stranger to drama, controversy and self-sacrifice. You can be highly and altruistically creative. You take on the troubles of those around you with love and compassion in an impressive, fully committed way. Anyone who lives with you will find you to be generally tolerant and kind-hearted, giving unstintintly of your prodigious energy in humanitarian causes. Any cause that represents the downtrodden or vulnerable could receive your vigorous backing and practical support. You’ll travel widely, broadcast yourself and make alliances with whoever is relevant to the cause and in sympathy with your ideals. Your generosity and emotional sincerity will win you many friends, even notoriety. People generally will warm to your big-hearted, passionate and wise vision.


In short, you are idealistic, passionate and humanitarian, like Simone de Beauvoir (9th), Yoko Ono (18th), Joan Baez (9th), Bertrand Russell (18th), Dylan Thomas (27th), Nelson Mandela (18th), John Lennon (9th), David Bellamy (18th), Jimi Hendrix (27th), Richard Branson (18th).




You’re born on a Master Number day if your birthday falls on the 10th, 11th, or 22nd. This gives you the qualities of the root number day (a 1, 2 or 4 respectively) PLUS or RATHER, the optional qualities of the Master Number day (10, 11 or 22). To incarnate the Master Number though, you have to live at a higher level of energy, which some will relish while others will find too burdensome or stressful. Master Number types are usually prominent people active on a large stage.


(Born on the 10th)
You live as per the 1 type and/or the 10 type. If the 10 type, you are an outstanding force in your field, likely to attract publicity or fame through your powerful charisma or conspicuous level of achievement. Others willingly follow you or make you their role model.


You have a presence that is imposing and larger than life. You compete well and strongly believe in your virtues. Your demeanour is charismatic and naturally dominates a room. You are suited to persuading or performing, politics or management, leading or pioneering. You refer situations to yourself and your interests. In daily life you go about looking for success and fame on a big stage. You expect and manifest high achievement, no matter the struggle. You periodically plan and mount ambitious projects that bear your signature. Anything relating to your goals, your image and public evidence or your accomplisments will draw the best out of you. You have the courage and the drive to take on the biggest challenges and opportunities so as to be all you can be. Anyone who lives with you will share your belief in your potential and feel your inner convictions radiating from you. You may often not share yourself emotionally, keeping your feelings and desires to yourself. When you take control, you’ll do so in a confident, assertive way. You will combine an intuitive approach with practicality and rational methods. Nothing will deter you from realizing your vision. Obstacles, opponents and delays will fuel your ambition and determination.


In short, you are powerful, high-achieving and strong-willed, like Judy Garland, Sharon Stone, Liz Hurley, Martin Luther, Nicola Tesla, Rasputin, Arnold Palmer, Robert Maxwell, Richard Burton, Harold Pinter, Omar Sharif (all born on the 10th).


(Born on the 11th)
You live as per the 2 type and/or the 11 type. If the 11 type, you hold up a burning torch, a flame of inspiration to teach, guide or motivate. Whether professionally, philosophically, spiritually or artistically, you embody high or non-material values and excel in passing them on.


Your presence is intense and compelling. A powerful vision or network of ideals burns within you. You can see a better way and a higher truth. Whether in the realms of the spiritual, political or artistic, you feel compelled to share your vision and guide others. Your dreams and inspiration will inform how you go about your daily life. Everyday practical, material affairs will take second place in importance to your dedication to the highest ideals and truths. In your area of dominance you are a flame dedicated to lighting up the world. You work well with others and by your own example you inspire and uplift them. Anyone who lives with you will be unable to ignore your determination and inner rapture stemming from your lofty values. Your sensitivity may make you tempremental. Personal relations and absorbtion in the daily lives of others will likely interest you less than the task of offering your revelations and higher truths to the world at large. In doing this you will be helped by your subtle charms, your aura of enlightenment or your unshakeable conviction, even if people take this for being dreamy, zealous or self-obsessed.


In short, you are visionary, inspirational and radiant, like Martha Graham, Thomas Edison, Fydor Dostoevsky, Alexander Solzhenitzyn, Salvador Dali, General Patton, Osho Rajneesh, Sai Baba, Louis Farrakhan, Rupert Murdoch, Jacques Cousteau, Giorgio Armani, Steve Wozniak, Alex Jones (all born on the 11th).


(Born on the 22nd)
You live as per the 4 type and/or the 22 type. If the 22 type, you have the charisma, the force of will and body, and the drive to set up and push through massive developments. Your scale of operation will be huge but so too will be your attention to particulars. Your legacy may last for generations.


You have a presence that is powerful and charismatic. You demeanour is impressive yet also conveys harmony and poise. People around you feel impressed by your grand vision for projects that are both personal and universal. You are not lost in dreams, however. You constantly gather and shape the many resources needed to bring to life your epic plans for contributing to the world. In working on this, you go about daily life driven by a vision that is grand and inspiring. At the same time you are immensely constructive in taking the necessary practical steps to put your vision into form. You are aided by diplomatic ability and patient determination. Anyone who lives with you will be impressed by your idealistic, reformist attitude combined with attention to details and minutae. You will work daily with your considerable energy on your large-scale projects. Your talk will be of your creative or humanitarian work aimed at bettering the world. Your strength of purpose and sheer power of manifestation will be exceptional and visible to all.


In short, you are charismatic, constructive and globally aware, like Leni Riefenstahl, Richard Wagner, Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles De Gaulle, Benjamin Britten, Yehudi Menuhin, Lawrence Oliver, George Best, Timothy Leary, Deepak Chopra (all born on the 22nd).




Fortune-Telling Tutorial – The Oracle Ge (2)

Know your tools is an essential prerequisite to effective fortune-telling. My chosen tools include the Tarot de Marseille, the LeNormand deck and the Oracle Ge. This example shows how a 20-card layout from the 61 cards of the Oracle Ge can describe a person’s life. The life is that of the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei. The cards are read horizontally and from top to bottom. But cards can have their meaning impacted by nearby cards in any direction.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Galileo was born in 1564 in Pisa. He was educated at a monastery in Florence, feeling quite at home with the strict, solitary life there. He pursued a medical degree at the University of Pisa but had no interest in this subject and dropped out (line 1).


He much preferred mathematics and researched this deeply. He wrote his first book in 1586 and taught many subjects at the University of Padua (line 2).


He started making important scientific discoveries, including an improvement on the telescope. This opened the way to his revolutionary projects, experiments and discoveries in astronomy and scientific observation (line 3).


He partnered with a Venetian woman with whom he had three children. The early death of a daughter was a blow to his activities (line 4).


Another was the punitive reaction of the Inquisition to his published work on the heliocentric theory of the universe. The Catholic Church placed him under house arrest where he languished under failing health and spirits until his death (line 5).

Fortune-Telling Tutorial – The Oracle Ge (1)

If you want to be a clairvoyant or fortune-teller you will probably want help from a purpose-built tool. The mystical, anonymous Tarot de Marseille is my standby. But so too is the modern 61-card oracle deck known as the Oracle Ge. It was a gypsy fortune-teller trading on an industrial estate in the outskirts of Cannes-la-Boca in France who introduced this deck to me back in 2004. Its symbols she said, are very powerful and will give good information. Here is how these magical cards can tell the story of a person’s life. The person in this example is Indira Gandhi, twice the prime minister of India. Each paragraph is pictorialized by a line of cards running from left to right, top to bottom. Note how events are pictorialized not only by side-by-side cards but often also by cards above and below each other.


Indira Gandhi, the only child of India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, became her father’s close companion when her mother died, and later his prime ministerial aide. She had two sons by her husband, Feroze Gandhi, one of whom she lost when he died at only 33 (line 1).


Following her father into politics, she became president of the Indian National Congress in 1959. She went on to become Minister for Information and Broadcasting. This led to her becoming prime minister herself in 1966 (line 2).


Following several years of success she encountered growing opposition from political opponents. She reacted by declaring a state of emergency and sending opponents to jail. This made her unpopular and in 1977 she was forced out of power for several years (line 3).


She celebrated a return to power in 1980. It was during this term in 1984 that rebellious Sikhs demanding their own state occupied the Golden Temple in Amritsar. She reacted harshly by ordering her troops to storm the temple, during which attack many people were killed (line 4).


A few months later, she was betrayed and shot dead by one of her own bodyguards, an avenging Sikh. Her son Rajiv succeeded her as Prime Minister (line 5).My site Oracle ge pic2


A Clip from My Lecture on Tarot and Shakespeare

Enjoy this 10-minute extract from one of my recent lectures. See how the dualistic energies of The Empress and The Death card play out in Cleopatra; and how those of The Emperor and Temperance play out in Othello. Tarot can relate incredibly well to Shakespeare and vice versa. We can learn so much about each through the other, as I hope this clip shows.