We are Infinite Awareness and eternal consciousness, unbounded by time or space. This truth presents itself in a single image from a Tarot deck published by BP Grimaud in 1769. Amazingly, the 10th card of the Ancien Tarot de Marseille, known as The Wheel of Fortune, shows us the illusory world we live in that we think of as so real. And ourselves as non-dual Oneness and love transcending this world.


The Wheel of Fortune is a multi-layered, complex representation of our holographic Matrix reality. In it, we see a Wheel apparently turning. It could be a sequence of events forming a feedback loop of some kind. As such it may represent karma – what goes around, comes around. Dumb, frantic-looking animals, ourselves as humans programmed by the Matrix mindset, seem hell-bent on chasing each other around the Wheel. In doing so, we are pushing it. Round and round and up and down we go, as if on a hamster wheel, both controlled by and perpetuating the treadmill.


This is the constantly changing, dualistic world of opposites that we perceive and are trapped within through our brain and five senses. We experience never-ending ups and downs of good and bad fortune, success and failure, happy and sad, growth and decay, health and sickness and so on and so on. For those wheel-bound creatures, ourselves at the lowest level of we really are, the Wheel exists as our perceived world of polarity, choice and change. Look at the Wheel. It is the controlling Matrix or existential hologram of our false reality. False because as spiritual beings we also exist way beyond illusory duality.


Some see this Tarot image as representing Fate. Things happen to us as if pre-determined by Fate’s inscrutable hand spinning the Wheel. But the Wheel, they say, also means an opportunity to try our destiny. We consider whether a risk is worth taking, and if so, we take a chance. We metaphorically take the handle of the Wheel and give it a turn, like a roulette wheel. What will Fate decree?


The Wheel can also represent our mind-based mode of perception that limits and entraps our repetitive experience. On yet another level, the Wheel resembles a clock recording each cycle of experience operating over the course of an apparent unfolding of time. As such, it represents a timeline, but again, illusory. Why illusory?


Atop the Wheel we have the answer. Seated there is a third creature. This one is crowned, bears large heart-shaped wings, holds a sword of awareness and looks serene and content. By rights he or she can have no stability up there as her pedestal rests on the turning wheel itself. And yet there she sits, regal and stationary. This creature’s reality is entirely different to that of the other two creatures who represent the body-mind. She sits outside and above the Wheel of duality. She’s both on it and beyond it. She is us in our transcendent state of eternal timelessness.


In this state we are Oneness, or Infinite Awareness. We see hallucinatory reality yet remain unbound by it. Instead of going around on the Wheel, we rule it and live in freedom. We see that duality, bound by space and time, is an illusion. We see that even space and time are illusory constructs of the body-mind. With heart awareness we know that all past and all future exist in the eternal NOW.


Any moment in time exists as accessible, decodable information in a holographic matrix represented here as the Wheel. As with a DVD, Infinite Awareness can enter at any point to access a past or future that is not lost or hidden but simply enfolded in an implicate order. All realities exist simultaneously, in the NOW. Our point of attention determines our place in time, with timelines capable of multiplying, bifurcating and merging. This is what makes ‘time travel’ possible.


Time travel happens by accident in ‘Tomorrow is Yesterday; a 1967 episode of the original series of Star Trek. The premise is the Starship Enterprise being accidentally thrown back in time to Earth, 1969. Further mishaps ensue, as the crew strive to prevent their accident catastrophically altering history – or so they believe.


Briefly, the story has a freak cosmic event hurling the Enterprise through a time warp back to Earth of 200 years before. A pursuing US Air Force pilot, Captain Christopher, gives chase and has to be beamed board. Spock and Kirk perceive a dilemma. Either by returning the pilot to his base or keeping him on board, they fear disrupting the timeline of Earth history. They opt to return him after first secretly retrieving his flight records from his base. His UFO sighting will then be unbacked by evidence. Security personnel at the base catch and interrogate the prowling Kirk while another Air Force man is accidentally beamed aboard. The men are eventually returned and the Enterprise returned to its own time.


Now this understanding of time travel and time anomalies varies significantly from what insiders and whistleblowers of the ongoing Secret Space Program (SSP) tell us. They report that our understanding of time and timelines needs expanding. Since time travel via portals, wormholes and stargates is a regular feature of clandestine SSP activity, SSP participants could do much to reassure Kirk and Spock facing their dilemma in this episode.


The Enterprise crew see events in time as lining up in sequence on just one timeline, as per a single Wheel of Fortune apparently turning in cycles from past to present to future. Kirk and Spock believe that events occurring in the Enterprise’s past should be left fixed as they are, all the way up to the Enterprise’s own period of existence, roughly 2269. Such events have their inclusion in the historical record stored in the Enterprise computer. Spock refers to this when he researches the life of the Air Force pilot Christopher.


Christoper of the 1960s has been beamed aboard the Enterprise of the 2260s, the Enterprise having stumbled back into Christopher’s time period. According to Spock’s initial historical research, Christoper must be kept on board the Enterprise indefinitely. Returning him to Earth would incur the risk of Christoper altering history since he now knows what the future looks like.


But Spock does more research and discovers that Christoper will have a son who will make a significant contribution to Earth history. Not returning him to Earth would negate his son’s contribution, disrupting the timeline and possibly destroying the future. The Enterprise, in Spock’s view, could be made to no longer exist.


All this is based on the assumption that there is only one timeline, which must remain inviolable since it connects all events in history. But SSP insiders indicate that timelines, like dimensions, are multiple. And as Corey Goode of the SSP reports, time is in fact malleable. ‘This malleability,’ he says, ‘accounts for the possibility of making adjustments to timelines.’ In reality, according to Goode, time is elastic and is capable of repairing itself in the event of timeline problems, breaks or fractures. Humans having caused such problems through time travel activity, says Goode, are best advised to do nothing and let time repair itself.


But in the Star Trek universe (or that of its writers), no such knowledge exists. The timeline problem afflicting the Enterprise hangs over Kirk and Spock as a crisis which they feel they themselves have to manually solve. Their limited perception of time and time problems has them very much bound to The Wheel of Fortune like the animals we see going around the Wheel. Their perception is of being hostages to fortune – The Wheel of Fortune in its reversed meaning. Their fear is of becoming locked in the wrong time zone and unable to return to their own time in the 2260s. They fear becoming, in Christoper’s words, ‘prisoners in time’.


In our limited understanding of time we resemble Captain Christopher and his Air Force comrades, and also Kirk and Spock. Like them, we are apt to forget our unlimited nature. Consequently we live only by our mind-body programming and its perceptions. As such, we exist on an illusory hamster wheel of limited, repetitive experience in a closed-world Matrix. Without the higher awareness of our Infinite Self, we remain lost in the illusion that what appears to our five senses is the only reality.


In this illusion, what we believe is what we perceive. And what we perceive is what we experience. If we believe that time is real and binding, that there is only one sacrosanct timeline connecting events of the ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’, then that is what we will perceive and experience. When things do not work out as we believe they should, we will talk about ‘accidents’, like those in ‘Tomorrow is Yesterday’, and feel ourselves their victim. We will see ourselves yet more helplessly bound to a Wheel of Fortune inexorably turning, now up, now down. Then we will struggle to resolve the ‘accident’ or problem or wait until our perceived ‘luck’ changes.


It may never occur to our lower, mind-body self that our so-called ‘accidents’, like everything else, happen only in our heads. They are as quantum physicists say, only possibilities and probabilities folded into existence by perception.


From a higher perspective, that of our Infinite Self as symbolized by the crowned creature seated on top of the Wheel, all is in order. Those ‘accidents’ were events guiding us toward moving into greater balance and harmony. By awakening to our Infinite Awareness, we realize the immense power we have when we cease to allow only the mind, or the lower self, to remain in control of our lives. We then see that past, present and future are fixed, but only up a point. Time being an illusion means it is both fixed enough to be perceived and malleable enough to be changed, whether by technological time travel or by expanding and altering our awareness.


Different futures arise out of differently evolving possibilities. These different futures exist in different timelines or dimensions. By leaping from one timeline or Wheel of Fortune Matrix to another, we have the ability to alter our future. We may do this individually or as a race. But whichever future we create for ourselves, all events in time, say the mystics and quantum physicists, are really happening in the timeless NOW. It is only our brains decoding information in the timeless NOW that make NOW appear in the sequence that we think of as linear time. To arrive back ‘home’ in his own time, as Kirk and the Enterprise crew wanted, really means to realize our timeless nature through expanded, Infinite Awareness.



Article adapted from my forthcoming book ‘The Tarot Guide to Star Trek – How The 78-card Ancient Tarot Charts the 78 Themes of The Original Star Trek’ to be published by Quoit Media, 2019. Watch this space!


The actual original Tarot may be forever lost to antiquity, never to be re-discovered. But in the Tarot De Marseille (shown below) we have a venerable esoteric tool that remains close enough to the anonymous original to retain a wealth of mystical power and meaning.


Certainly, the modern Tarots, including the popular Rider-Waite deck, have departed far from the purity and fidelity of much older decks like the Visconti and the Marseille. With their symbolic patterns for the Minor Arcana, the older decks retain a purity and richness of symbolism that the simplistic illustrations of the modern decks cannot hope to approach. The four Tarot Minors shown below in their Marseille and Rider-Waite versions differ widely in meaning. Each Marseille card on the left can be interpreted according to a consistent Tarot numerology, as expounded in this article. Its Rider-Waite equivalent on the right dispenses with numerology and esoteric tarot symbology altogether, replacing them with a fantasy of the latter-day re-designer/re-illustrator.

This article attempts to show how rich and deep is the authentic symbolism of the Marseille ‘pip’ cards of the Minor Arcana, as expounded by Alejandro Jodorowsky. For the complete teaching, see his major Tarot book, ‘The Way of Tarot’, published 2004.



The system used by Jodorowski for interpreting the Minor Arcana relies upon understanding the integral nature of the Tarot as a whole. Both the Minor and the Major Arcana embody the same principles at each stage, or degree, of a consistent, decimal numerology.



With this understanding, the 40 ‘pip’ cards of the Minor Arcana reveal a wealth and depth of meaning and additionally, serve as a textbook guide for navigating life. The ‘pip’ cards are organized via four suits and the digits 1 to 10. Both the first and second ten cards of the 22 Major Arcana and the ten levels each of the four suits embody the same base-10 spiritual numerology. This is of paramount importance in understanding Jodorowski’s conception. It is a conception that is extremely well-reasoned, with abundant evidence to be found in the cards themselves, the cards that is, of the older decks.



In the case of the modern decks, such as the Rider-Waite (1909), very much alternative symbolism from different systems and traditions has been mixed in. The original Tarot symbolism thus becomes watered down or distorted by association with grafted-on concepts from the Kabbalah, Astrology, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Egyptian Mystery Schools and other schools of occultism such as The Golden Dawn. On top of this, we have the fantasies and idiosyncracies of the modern illustrators themselves. All of this non-Tarot baggage overlays the cards to produce an attractive, intriguing oracle, perhaps, but one far removed from the esoteric quality of the older, more traditional Tarot.



Let us get back to basic Tarot as evidenced in the Tarot De Marseille of Grimaud, dated 1748 and 1930, and in the Tarot De Marseille, restored by Jodorowsky and Camoin in 1997. The following details and principles are applicable to both the Grimaud and Jodorowsky decks.


The four suits are Wands, Swords, Cups and Coins. Each suit stands for one of the four main areas of life. Their keywords are
Wands: Actions, movement, creativity
Swords: Thoughts, decisions, intellect
Cups: Emotions, love, relating
Coins: Body, home, money.


Then we have the 10 cards in each suit, with each number representing a different stage or lesson in the repeating cycles of life. All the Aces in the Minor Arcana stand for potential, readiness and vitality and corespond with the energy of The Magician, Arcanum 1 in the Major Arcana. All the 2s stand for preparation, gestation and accumulation and correspond with Arcanum 2, The High Priestess. All the 3s stand for creativity, fertility, expression and bursting forth. They correspond with Arcanum 3, The Empress. All the 4s stand for order, stability, protection and organisation. The 4s correspond with Arcanum 4, The Emperor. All the 5s stand for expansion, innovation and exploration. They correspond with Arcanum 5, The Pope. All the 6s stand for attraction, union, beauty and pleasure. They correspond with Arcanum 6, The Lover. All the 7s stand for action in the world and benevolent purpose. They correspond with Arcanum 7, The Chariot. All the 8s stand for balance, harmony and passive perfection. They correspond with Arcanum 8, Justice. All the 9s stand for transition, decline and withdrawal. They correspond with Arcanum 9, The Hermit. Finally, all the 10s can be given the keywords realization, complete, inert or transcended. The 10s correspond with Arcanum 10, The Wheel of Fortune.



Using the above scheme and by combining each number with each suit, we acquire a logical range of meanings of each of the 40 numbered cards in the Tarot Minor Arcana. Various possible meanings of the 40 cards are given below in such a way as to be easily memorized for use in giving readings with the cards. This stucture of meaning also serves as a philosophically sound and simple guide for living our life.





Magician minors


The Tarot shows life as a process, a series of organic stages of development. Our projects, relationships and we ourselves, grow along lines similar to a plant. A plant has its entire life cycle held in potential at the beginning stage, the seed stage. This is represented by Degree 1 of The Tarot, Arcanum No. 1, The Magician and by the Aces of the Minor Arcana. In this state of unmanifest energy, all remains to be done, experienced or accomplished. The Tarot breaks this down into four different areas known as the four suits: Wands, Swords, Cups and Coins. These four suits also engender each other, in that order. What we can learn from them at Degree 1 are four basic aspects of our creative potential:-

Ace of Wands: The awakening of creative energy, a feeling of arousal, of desire to move, a keenness to work or play
Ace of Swords: The sense of intellectual stimulation, wanting to explore knowledge, having ideas or inspiration swirling inside ready to be expressed
Ace of Cups: Feeling full of a love ready to pour into the world, having desire to socialize, befriend, or relate
Ace of Coins: Having a garden of some sort – material energy which is there to be cultivated, whether our land, home, body, material assets or business.






Popess minors
The seed of life – everything in potential – represented by the Aces, germinates in darkness at Degree 2 of the Tarot. This is Arcanum No. 2, The High Priestess, who corresponds with the 2s of the Minor Arcana. They teach that there is a time for quiet preparation, for solitary accumulation or gestation. During such times we are able to replenish and gather our strength, our desires and ideas, in preparation for the first leap into action. The more receptive we are, the more we shall accumulate, in the different ways suggested by the four suits:-

2 of Wands
: Relaxation and pottering around, preparatory training or exercises, skills development, performance rehearsal
2 of Swords
: Sleeping on a problem, waiting for new insight, doing preparatory research, allowing time for reflection or data-collection
2 of Cups: Developing friendly relations but as yet only acquaintanceship, politeness, diplomatic reserve, deepening of feelings held within
2 of Coins
: Physical rest and good sleep, saving money, forming new muscles, pregnancy, basic self-nurturing.





Empress2 minors
After preparing ourselves in isolation, it’s time for raw, explosive action, equivalent to a seed sprouting. Having rehearsed, it’s time to perform. Or having been interacting via social media, its time to physically meet someone. This is Degree 3 in the Tarot, represented by Arcanum No. 3, The Empress, and by the 3s of the Minor Arcana. The energy is erupting for the first time, without prior experience or specific purpose. It is a joyful release and the first active step, suggested by the various 3s as:-

3 of Wands
: Living spontaneously or acting on impulse without a pre-established plan, physical release after resting, starting a job or journey
3 of Swords
:  Initial presentation of new ideas, turning imagination or research into a first draft, speculative opening of conversation, garrulous speech
3 of Cups: 
First meeting with a new lover, socializing and lively encounters, making new friends, uninhibited emotional expression
3 of Coins
: Making a purchase or a sale, an initial investment, starting production or manufacture, reaping early gains, conception or birth of a child.





Empeor minors
Degree 4 is Arcanum No. 4, The Emperor, and the 4s of the Minor Arcana. This is the stage of a seed having grown into a plant. The plant is firmly rooted in the earth and remaining stable so as to engender further growth at the next, 5th stage. Even existing stability depends upon constant flow, renewal or replenishment. With this proviso, 4s represent being anchored in the material world, comfortable with surrounding laws and conditions. We are well-organised and grounded, healthy in body and spirit. Tarot 4 energy thus protects us, our loved ones and what belongs to us. The four suits show us the four cornerstones of material stability:-

4 of Wands: 
Having a routine, working steadily, persevering with a job or project, using a methodical approach to creativity, regular habits of action
4 of Swords
: Exercise of logic, systematic or analytical thought processes, planning ahead, having a policy, being conservative or constant in views and opinions
4 of Cups: 
Bonding with others in family, team or group, religious solidarity, mutual trust and care, feelings of safety and calm, emotions kept well-controlled
4 of Coins
: Maintenance of security, staying healthy and strong, keeping a well-ordered house or stock of material possessions, financial stability.





Pope Minors

The provisional stability of Degree 4 inevitably gives way as it grows beyond itself. Degree 5 then, can be likened to a plant at the transitional stage of creating a bud. Thus a way is opened for reaching into a new realm. The Pope, Arcanum No. 5, points his finger towards Heaven. He infuses his students with a new ideal. He serves as a bridge or mediator between their realm of Earthy stability, the lower Degrees up to Degree 4, and the higher, Heavenly realm of Degrees 6 through 9. The four suits variously represent this stage in our daily affairs of opening up to horizons beyond the familiar, material and rational:-



5 of Wands
: Go further afield with projects and journeys, constructively take risks, experiment with new practices beyond the tried and tested, seek new experience to satisfy desire or temptation
5 of Swords: 
Be open-minded and willing to countenance new theories, ideas or beliefs, investigate and do research, think outside the box, take studies to a new level, seek out new knowledge
5 of Cups: 
Feel excitement, be romantic and adventurous with dating and courting, explore your feelings in the company of lover or friends, become passionate about a spiritual path or an article of faith
5 of Coins
: Be enterprising in commercial ventures, use new products or technologies, innovate, stretch yourself in physical achievement, branch out from the base of operations, refurbish or redesign familiar territory.





Lover minors

Degree 6 in Tarot numerology is the stage of the bud in Degree 5 blossoming into a beautiful flower. In Arcanum No. 6, The Lover, we have a group scene open to any number of interpretations. What remains clear though, is the interplay of emotions being outwardly expressed. The context is one of doing, having or getting what one loves, enjoys or desires. To what are we attracted? With whom or what do we feel passionately at union with? This preoccupation with beauty and enjoyment manifests itself in the four suits of Degree 6 as:-



6 of Wands: Find creative outlets in movement, performance, pleasurable work, do what you love and love what you do, be playful or graceful, enjoy fun and games and activities in nature
6 of Swords: Cultivate the intellectual or artistic appreciation of beauty, find pleasure in thinking or reading in solitude, enjoy meetings for discussing or hearing ideas
6 of Cups: Enjoy a mutually devoted friendship or family connection, cultivate love and affection in romance, be happy in the company of a kindred spirit or soulmate
6 of Coins: Enjoy physical pleasure associated with comfort and luxury, care for your personal image and style, cultivate a beautiful home, appreciate fine clothing, cooking, gardens or anything available to the senses.





Chariot minors

Action in the world is at its most powerful and benevolent in Degree 7 of the Tarot, equivalent to a flower on a plant shedding its petals and opening up into a delicious fruit. Arcanum 7 represents this stage as The Chariot pulled by strong horses and steered by a purposeful driver. All the 7s of the Minor Arcana likewise indicate strong, dynamic and benevolent action in the world. Spirit and matter are united so as to act powerfully in loving ways. Instead of being cathartic and explosive as at Degree 3, action is now mature and focussed. The four suits show this as:-

7 of Wands: Flying high in one’s career, working hard at a project for the general good, leading the way and inspiring others, doing the right thing and achieving success
7 of Swords: Doing writing, teaching or lecturing based on intelligent research and learning, putting intellect at service to the world, making intelligent decisions, thinking analytically or very creatively
7 of Cups: Serving others rather than oneself, acting in humanitarian ways, being a dispenser of loving kindness, thriving in relationship, creating joy and good feelings all around
7 of Coins: Generating wealth for the good of all, maintaining a large estate or a strong athletic body, investing money wisely, running a business profitably and benevolently.





Justice minors
Degree 8 of the Tarot is equivalent to the maturity stage of a fruit. It graces the tree in full ripeness and perfection of growth. There is no longer any improvement possible, nothing to be added or taken away. In Arcanum No. 8, Justice, the woman with her sword and scales weighs up and balances actions with their consequences. Likewise, each of the four suits presents us with a different aspect of receptive perfection: magical concentration in the case of Wands, a heart full of love in the case of Cups, empty mind in the case of Swords,  and material abundance in the case of Coins. Key concepts for each suit would include:

8 of Wands: 
Perfect concentration for purity of action, egoless focus on the job at hand, effortless effort, being in a Taoist flow, divine timing and synchronicity
8 of Swords
: Emptying the mind through quiet time and meditation, being receptive to intuition, channelling higher intelligence
8 of Cups
: Being selfless and humble, considering the welfare of others, showing empathy and compassion, feeling gratitude and unconditional love
8 of Coins
: Living hygienically, tuning into nature, opening to abundance, being nourished by organic food, keeping healthy through holistic preventative medecine.





Hermit minors
We saw at Degree 8 a plant having reached full maturity with the production of ripened fruit. The next and penultimate stage in the plant’s development is allowing the fruit to drop to the ground. This equates to Degree 9 in the Tarot, represented by Arcanum No. 9, The Hermit, and by the 9s of the Minor Arcana. At this stage there is major transition, with a whole cycle coming to an end. This is a natural and positive development but also a kind of crisis. Work on s new construction is on the way but as yet there can only be withdrawal, letting go, taking leave or bringing to an end an old project or situation. 9 in the four suits can therefore be interpreted as:



9 of Wands: the approaching end of a project or journey, work cannot continue much longer, a big effort being required in a win-or-lose situation, energy flagging after much toil, slowing down, streamlining of activity for nothing but success

9 of Swords: letting go of self-centred or out-moded concepts, re-evaluating theories or beliefs previously held true, doubts creeping in, having a re-think, nearing the end of a course of study

9 of Cups: letting go of personal love in favour of universal love, a relationship coming to an end, disappointment or sorrow, a natural period of mourning, emotional turmoil, feeling the need to socially withdraw and seek solitude

9 of Coins: reconstruction in progress, healing happening while the body incapacitated, imminent birth of a baby or some new material situation, moving house, getting ready to emigrate or re-locate, decluttering, winding up a business, a sale of property is going through.





Wheel minors

The life cycle of a plant ends with transformation into a new cycle. A seed leaves the old plant and enters the ground. From this a new organism will start to grow, going through the whole process all over again. This stage of one cycle changing into another is represented by Degree 10 in The Tarot. At this stage there may be fulfilment, stasis and anticipation all at the same time. One cycle merges into another or there is a pause between the old and the new. Arcanum No. 10 the Wheel of Fortune, bears these implications and more. The 10s in the four suits carry a wide range of possible meanings, such as:



10 of Wands: a fully accomplished task, a journey or creative project is over pending the next one, a time limit for action has passed, a time of retirement has arrived, no further action is required

10 of Swords: pure thought merges with feeling, the viewpoint of another is taken into account, a compromise or agreement is reached, mind is transcended, there is a letting go of attachment to opinions or beliefs, a problem is solved, a course of study comes to an end

10 of Cups: a relationship has run its course, children of age have left home, a couple are separated by mutual agreement, a person is at peace being single, there are no feelings either way on a potentially emotive issue

10 of Coins: work of construction has finished, assets or finances have built up and remain to be put to creative use, a property is empty pending occupation, a machine is laid up or has fallen into disuse, someone is in between jobs, homes or paths of prosperity, a corpse, life of the spirit out of the body.
JULY 2017

All Set For Torquay!

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There are 78 cards in The Tarot and 78 Star Trek episodes. Believe it or not, each and every episode is an expression of each and every Tarot card. Included in my forthcoming book on the Tarot de Marseille will be an extensive analysis of how the cards correspond with the episodes. Each card signifies a principle of life and that principle occurs as the main principle in its own Star Trek episode.


The very first Tarot card is The Fool. In its reversed state, it means “MADNESS, MISADVENTURE, WILD RECKLESS ACTIONS”. The episode that dramatizes this is No. 68, “Whom Gods Destroy” from the 3rd season of The Original Series. In this fun episode, the Fool reversed appears as Garth, a cosmic psychopath and inmate of a Galactic Federation lunatic asylum. He takes over the asylum, captures Kirk and Spock and wreaks havoc. It’s a blast! And a wonderful expression of this Tarot card in its troubled aspect when reversed.


You here on this website will be the very first ones to get the information on all 78 links between The Tarot and Star Trek. Watch this space later this summer 2016 for a view on The Tarot where no man has gone before!




After many years teaching groups at the Theosophical Society, I am now offering expert private tuition, or small group classes, in divination and prophecy using Tarot. Tarot is a mystical and endless source of wisdom. You can use it to empower and enlighten yourself, provide fun readings to family and friends or even to become a professional reader in the psychic arts. There is no finer tool to help you on your way to becoming your own Mystic Meg or Magical Merlin.



You will learn how to use the most traditional and powerful of all decks, the ancient Tarot de Marseille. It is this sacred deck that provides the basis for so many hundreds of imitations and distortions that have followed, including the Oswald Wirth, the Rider-Waite and the Crowley Thoth decks. Lots of essential handouts are supplied along with ongoing after-class consultations.



My classes have always been extremely popular and well-received. My main aim: to make you a first class Tarot Reader!



Contact me, Clemens, at destinyclemens@yahoo.com for further details.



I’m not the world’s expert on how to be successful, particularly as I have an 8 Life Path in numerology ie material success is my main challenge and lesson in life. But this I have noticed over many years of psychically working with clients: some area of blockage, stagnation or paralysis usually underlies their lack of fulfilment or success.


The other thing I’ve discovered is that there are usually only one of two reasons for this. EITHER they have the will but not the desire. OR they have the desire but not the will.


I WILL without I WANT is like a horse without a rider. A powerful horse that is aimless and ends up getting nowhere. Some people just don’t know what they want. They could have it because they are strong-willed enough to get it. But they don’t know what it is and so they stay stuck and lost.


I WANT without I WILL is like a passionate rider with a destination at heart but no horse to get there. Some people have this nagging or craving desire for something, but they don’t do anything about it, consistently and constructively. They lack the willpower to achieve their desire.


So, if you want to be successful, activate both I WILL and I WANT. Be the horse and rider together and begin that journey!


Miracles pic Fb_MIRACLES pic2


I am a Tarot reader. As such, I allow miracles constantly. It is not me that comes up with just the right information for the client. I give up being the little ‘I’ called Clemens and open instead to being infinite consciousness, which we all are. With infinite consciousness, not only is anything possible, but what actually manifests is the very best thing in its situation.


A Tarot reader always chooses the right card, the best card. Not by intentionally choosing the card from the deck spread face up. No, the reader picks the card choicelessly from the deck spread face down. With this method there is no struggle, no dualistic problem-solving, no success or failure. The right card for the question or situation simply emerges by itself every time. With the right card emerging, so does miraculous insight that helps the querent move forward powerfully with their life.


All this happens because I, the Tarot reader, have given up my little ‘I’ that thinks it knows the right answer, the right thing to do, the right outcome. I have handed the process over to the universe. By picking the card blind, I am not trying to be the chooser or the doer. I am being the door instead of the doer. I am being the open door.

Being the open door allows the universe to choose and manifest the best outcome. As in Tarot reading, so in real life. With everything we do and with every situation, time, place or person, we can CEASE to be the efforting DOER that so often struggles – and succeeds or fails. Instead we can BE the DOOR for limitless possibilities. By being the open door, beautiful solutions appear miraculously every time.

All that’s needed is to be comfortable with not knowing or controlling the outcome of our actions. The Tarot reader has to trust that the right card will be turned over when reached for. Likewise, when we reach out into the world with action, we have to trust that the right result will manifest. For this we have to allow uncertainty, unknowing and unpredictability.

As the Tarot reader picks the card without choosing the card, so in everyday life we can manifest an outcome without choosing the outcome. By this means, the Tarot reader ends up with the best card and we, with the best outcome. Whatever we do, we allow the outcome to be magically chosen for us.

Say we want to meet someone who will become a new lover. Instead of wanting with the little ‘I’, we open to the universe of limitless possibilities and allow whatever actually happens. We go to the singles dating event as a door not a doer, without wanting a particular outcome. We mingle with all the other singles without insisting on any particular person. As the Tarot reader allows the right card to be picked blind, so we trust and allow the right outcome from meeting all those people.

We can call this a new Operating System. It’s an OS based on being the universe instead of being the little ‘I’. We can name it ‘Choiceless Manifestation 1.0’. ‘1’ being doing, ‘0’ being allowing. With Choiceless Manifestation 1.0, miracles emerge from the field of unknowable, limitless possibilities. All we have to do is not attach to any particular outcome of our doings.

And again, in the world of Tarot, this is indicated by the Alpha and Omega cards in the Major Arcana. Placed side by side, as shown above, these are The Fool heading towards The World. The Fool, on the left, is the first card, without a number, acting blindly on impulse, trusting that all will be well. The World, on the right, is the recipient and the result, of the Fool’s input of energy and enthusiasm. The dancer in The World is blissfully OK with whatever the The Fool manifests.



In quantum terms, The World card represents all situations in life at their innate level of patterns of light and information. At this level all is happiness and peace, and includes the actions of The Fool and all possible actions and outcomes. The World is this divine field of limitless possibilities. It is the universe, all-benevolent and all-caring, and can be trusted 100%. We are not who we think we are. At the soul level we are this loving infinite consciousness. So, to allow miracles, do what you feel impelled to do, while being love, being open, being allowing. The field of limitless possibilities will do the rest.





The magic of life lies in the perception of anything being possible and nothing being limited or separated. Take problems. Everything we perceive as a problem is a limited perception based on two opposing reference points. He didn’t call me/I wish he would call me. I feel old/I wish I was young. My job sucks/I want a new job. I have no money/I have to get money. And so it goes, all through life.


The very idea of ‘I’ is a duality. We are opposing our ‘I’ to an ‘out there’ or an ‘other’ or a ‘you’. As one possibility out of a myriad of others, this is fine. But the tendency is to become attached to this idea of a separate ‘I’, to become ego-driven and closed off to being infinite consciousness with limitless possibilities.


All these ways of looking at life are based on the concept of separate and opposite poles. Poles to do with desire and fear or pleasure and pain. Seeing things in these terms of opposite poles keeps us imprisoned in duality. We remain bouncing back and forth between walls of problem and solution, stress and calm, sickness and health … forever.


Trying to solve problems or alleviate stress or heal sickness makes our prison walls thicker. We just accentuate the duality, the movement back and forth between opposite poles that depend on each other for their existence.


There is another way. Ditch duality. We can let go of duality and open our hearts and minds to infinite consciousness, to limitless possibilites prevailing NOW in every situation.


Instead of orienting ourselves by just two reference points at opposite ends of a scale, we can step off the scale altogether. For this we have to give up the knowable for the unknowable. We can still have desires, perceptions and ideas based on a dualistic ‘I’ – but not be attached to them. Instead we can open ourselves to being unknowable, infinite consciousness. As such, we lovingly embrace the potential of infinitely more states and outcomes in every moment. This is living a magical life.


So out with duality, out with rules. There are no rules for what is possible other than those we create ourselves. What we PERCEIVE as rules become blinkers imposed on what we CAN perceive and change and create. As Richard Bartlett says, ‘You can make up a new rule – do what makes you smile.’


Or how about this … ‘Set up a rule so that when you take your attention off something, that is when change occurs’. And that change can be anything that consciousness in its divine, infinite wisdom brings into play.

As a mantra, I suggest: ‘I AM the magic of infinite consciousness. I let go of duality and open to limitless possibilities in every moment.’



Clairvoyance is magic, made up of miracles and the inexplicable. So how does it work? My current position is that we live in a world very different to the world of the scientists. It is a world beyond the world we have been taught of and think we know. This different world allows for clairvoyance, psychic abilities, remote viewing, time travel, multi-dimensional experience, instantaneous healing and every magical, miraculous happening that you can possibly conceive of. I believe we live in this world of infinite possibilites. Here are some notes on this that I took at an amazing weekend seminar by Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy. The seminar was on the practice of ‘Matrix Energetics’, but these insights could apply equally to the practice of clairvoyace and anythng magical and miraculous.


There’s no ‘out there’ out there.
Our perceptions drive our experience of out there.


Reality is not real. It is a perceptual bias.
All reality is virtual, not actual.
What you think you are, you are not.
The self doesn’t exist and you don’t matter.
Nothing matters, Nothing is real, Nothing is true.


The you that you think you are, is not you at all.
The physical body is not really there.
The illusion of the physical body limits what you perceive.
Dissolve the sense of separation.
Our realities are entangled.


There is no classical reality.
We have made up our reality.
It is literally just some suggestions that somebody told us about.
And then we all agreed on them.
If you make up the rules and think they’re real, then they are.


Thought creates morphic fields.
We live in a morphic field of indoctrination and belief.
When you unplug your awareness from reality, it falls away.
As you change your inner awareness, you change your circumstances.


When you let go of the one reality, all the others become available.
Trust the field of infinite possibilities.
Then the field enfolds you.
To resonate with the field, be like a little child.
Get out of your own way so that the field can work through you, the door.


Everything is one unified field.
We’re always immersed in it.
The field is always working.
But our ability to notice it is variable, dependent on our reference frame.
The field is always available to you through the field of the heart.
This brings intelligent perception rather than memory.


The right brain is in the wave-based state.
The left brain is in the particle-based state.
Material reality is the particle state, not the wave state.
The particle state is a collapse of the wave state.
Atoms only exist when we observe them, in the collapse of the wave state.


The left brain can only process things in a linear series.
It puts together perceptions to create the illusion of reality.
Our use of names and concepts to label experience constructs our reality.
Solidity is based on naming parts,
instead of bringing constant transformation into play.
You’re not solid.


The right brain is a parallel processor.
It can do very many things simultaneously on different channels?.
All you need to do is get into an altered state.


Instead of changing something (or doing clairvoyance)
you can be interested in it happening.
Then let go of the need for that thing to happen.
If you don’t care about the outcome, it becomes more likely to happen.
By letting go, you’re taking reality out of the prison that you’ve imposed upon it.
You’re going back to the wave state.
In the wave state there’s only potential.


There isn’t any quantum physics, it’s just made-up stuff.
When you change the laws of physics, physics changes.
If your reality sucks, it’s just a vortex to spin the opposite way.
Things can happen if you don’t have rules for what must happen.


If you focus on a problem, you give it more energy?.
Your focus or theory or your question determines your experience.
By asking a different question you may break the circuit of previous outcomes.
You may engender a new possibility wave.
A better question than ‘Is it true?’ is ‘Is it useful?’


Intelligent perception comes in, despite your thoughts.
Thinking is habituated, but it need not be.
It can be free and untroubled, without a charge or expectation.

Dreams are parallel universe experiences.
Time is a concept, not a condition.
If there is no time or space, there is no past, present or future.
Time can easily travel backwards or forwards.
It’s only your perception.


Even chi doesn’t exist.
It is just information in the field that when expressed becomes energy.


When you look at things, when you weigh them up, weigh them up in the direction of fun, of altered states of consciousness, of all possibility.
This allows for the probability that something can actually change.
Treating people like possibilities, rather than fixed structures, is a healthy thing.